How we work


Most important thing is to provide a safe place. The ideal situation is a multi-floor house, where you can stay a longer time and grow in  independence.


Women and their families are supported by families. Given the vulnerable situation, all volunteers in the house will be women. Apart from practical support, also mental support and training will be provided.


The need and requirements of the individual woman are the starting point. WE stimulate natural health and especially breastfeeding; it’s healthy and make women more self-supporting.r wordt altijd zoveel mogelijk rekening gehouden met de individuele vrouw. Zij staat centraal. Wij sti We help the mothers in gaining independence, looking at their possibilities and needs.


All costs are covered by sponsors. We look for corporate sponsors for periodic gifts, e.g. rent, utitilities etc.  Crowdfunding is our main source of income. We try to find as much as possible local suppliers.